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Rent-to-Own: the Elite Renting Advantage of the New Millennium

Ask any real estate guru, agent, broker or property manager, and all of them just might know this term: rent-to-own. Pretty typical term, and a bit of a paradox when it comes to you, the renter. For going into a rent-to-own means soon you wouldn't be renting any longer; you'll be owning. That's all fine, though, because in all honesty, a renter's ultimate goal is to own! Right?

Right. We're Assisting Renters to Own Their Homes.

You might be tired of the whole apartment scene, and that's okay. Sure, there are amenities, and a lot of conveniences, but let's just say you want those benefits but with the homeliness of, well, a home! You rent a home. Interestingly enough, a "rent-to-

own" home won't be a rental for long. You rent the property for a certain "lease period" with the option to buy from the landlord. Sort of like a "test run" of the real estate.

It's convenient. Flexible. And it could very well turn out beneficial for both the tenant and the landlord respectively as long as the agreement is fair. It's not necessarily for the timid, but if you certainly want to be game in getting some benefits out of your investment, building your credit and preparing for the day when you're ready to contract out a mortgage, getting that rent-to-own home might be a good idea! And there are plenty of resources available, out there in the industry, allowing you access to not only the right home, but all the services you need to maximize your dollars:

  • The Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program -- Lots of initiatives exist out there to bolster the real estate market with some great deals, but this program affiliated with the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. to Own certainly stands out as a benefit to a prospective buyer, based on this review.
  • FreeListofRenttoOwnHomes.com -- Ever see those websites out there aggregating listings of rent-to-own homes? It's annoying that you always have to sign up for something and pay just to even see all of the information on the property. Thanks to plenty of partnerships and affiliations, this review claims the amazing: it's a free list. No catch.
  • The Complete Real Estate Site -- For renters, it's ideal. You get all the information you need as this review states about the site, all for free. Open source information. Easy to navigate the content. What more could a prospective tenant ask for?

And that's just the start of it. Assisting Renters will pool all of that, plus all the additional resources out there you'll need as a tenant seeking to own, such as identity theft protection and legal assistance.

It's a Great Time for the Real Estate Industry

Think about it. When you put together the convenience of renting with the independence of home ownership, you have a winning combination. Rent-to-own. That's an integral part of a successful future for the market as a whole. Don't miss out on it.