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Landlord Tenant Dispute

Are you afraid that your landlord is going to evict you or is your landlord already evicting you?

Evictions are never easy situations for both parties involved. As stressful as it is, it is important to remain calm and open during the entire process. This will help you prove your character in court should it come to that. Assisting Renters is here to help you undertand your rights as a renter, the three different eviction types, and advice on how to avoid this in the future.

What you should know as a tenant that is being evicted:

Reporting Rent On Credit

Renting a home can affect your credit in many ways. It’s becoming very common for credit reporting agencies to include a positive rental history in the credit reports. Having good credit can help you with renting, and paying your rent on time can help build good credit. 


How To Get Out Of A Lease - The Right Way

Did you know that you have the renter's right to break a lease? No matter what the reason is, you are not obligated to live anywhere you no longer want to. It’s not always cheap to get out of a lease, but it is always possible. Read more below to learn how to get out of a lease the right way!


Understanding Penalties

How To Sublease - Is It Legal?

Spending a lot of time searching for a home and you finally found the perfect one to move in to. Getting an opportunity to move away for a semester in college or taking a temporary job in another city, can leave you with a few lease options while you are away. You can terminate your lease and lose your apartment, you can pay the rent on the empty space while you’re not there, or you can sublet it. 


Decide If Subleasing Is Right For You:

Moving Costs - Hire a professional or do it yourself?

Are you moving soon? Whether you are moving into your new home or moving into another apartment because your lease ended, moving can be expensive! It's important to plan out your move to make it as cheap as possible, so you can use that extra money you save on your new home. Below are some common situations you should think about before moving:


Should I hire professional movers?