Eviction Assistance

Noone wants to deal with an eviction notice. The easiest way to avoid eviction is to pay your rent on time. Talk to your landlord if you can’t make rent that month. Not communicating with your landlord can lead to an eviction happening sooner. If you cannot afford regular renting, contact your local public housing, where they have affordable apartments to rent.


Having an eviction on your record may make it difficult to qualify for housing. If you owe money to any housing authority, you will have to settle that debt to be eligible for assistance again. 


Most landlords are happy to receive any amount of rent money and will accept full or partial payments right up until the eviction trial. No matter when the rent is accepted during the eviction process, the landlord must cease pursuing an eviction. 


Keep in mind that charities, such as The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and the Red Cross may be able to provide emergency help with utilities and rent assistance.