Moving Costs - Hire a professional or do it yourself?

Are you moving soon? Whether you are moving into your new home or moving into another apartment because your lease ended, moving can be expensive! It's important to plan out your move to make it as cheap as possible, so you can use that extra money you save on your new home. Below are some common situations you should think about before moving:


Should I hire professional movers?

Hiring professional movers for a local move can cost anywhere between $300 - $1500 depending on the size of the move. The fewer items you have to move, the less you will pay, especially if the travel time is short. Local long-distance moves will cost on average $2400 - $5000. Local moves vary greatly in cost between the exact location from the old home to the new home, to the hourly charge of any moving help you may need, and the travel fees. 


I'm moving across the country!

If you are moving across the country, the move can get pricey! The longer the distance of your move between homes, the higher your relocation cost will be. Take the weight of your items into consideration as well.  A couple and their items would cost less to move compared to a family of 4. Any additional services such as packing, unpacking, disassembly/reassembly of furniture will be charged extra as well. Doing the move yourself is the more popular way to move across the country. It still doesn’t come cheap when you add up the small costs of the move like gas, food, and time. Make sure you can afford to move and have an apartment or home ready to go before just moving across the country.


Should I rent a truck?

The cost for renting a truck varies based on the distance and the number of days you will use the truck. Compare rental truck companies, find the most affordable one for your move, and read the reviews to make sure the company is reputable. Find out if the company has truck rental insurance because some damages are not covered by the insurance policy in certain companies. Gas expenses are usually not included in the rental price. When returning the rental truck, fill up the tank and make sure the truck is also clean.


When should I move?

When choosing to move, keep in mind that great moving offers usually come during the off-peak season. Moving companies are more willing to cut down their usual tariffs in order to attract more traffic. Summer, weekends, and holidays are usually pricier times to move on.

It is possible to go way below the average residential moving cost! How? It’s very simple, just don’t take anything you don’t plan to use in the near future. Inventory your home, see where you stand on clutter and reduce the number of possessions to a minimum. Fewer items to pack and transport means less money coming out of your pocket!


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