Painting Your Rental - Is It Allowed?

Decorating a rental is one of many ways to express yourself in your new home. Maybe you have boring white walls or ugly wall paper. We understand. However, painting walls is not always allowed or the right decision. Before you open up that paint can, consider if panting your rental is the right choice. 

Is it allowed? It's different with each rental. Some landlords allow it and some don't. Read your lease agreement or talk to your landlord to see if painting your walls is allowed first. Even though the paint is reversible and several landlords and rental agencies allow it, some aren't too keen on spills, poor paint jobs, or left with different colors after the tenant moves out. 

Is it worth it? Painting a room or many rooms consumes up a lot of time even if it is one of the easier home improvement projects. Most walls require two-coat paint jobs, keeping in mind that you will have to move furniture out of the way. When move out day comes, you will have to repaint the walls the original color they were before you moved in. Most of the time, painting the walls is not worth it in the end.

Alternative Options

Nowadays, there are so many alternative ways you can decorate a rental besides paint. Try out these alternative options to give your rental that creative flair and make your rental feel like home. Note: Always ask your landlord if these are okay as well before changing your walls.

  • Hang art and picture frames. This is an obvious one and can help you fill up the white space on your walls. Make sure you use wall friendly hangers to keep your security deposit!
  • Place temporary wall paper. Temporary wall paper can help bring excitement to an otherwise dry and boring wall.
  • Hang mirrors in unconventional spaces. Mirrors can be used in more areas than just the bathroom! They can also be used to make a small room appear to be bigger.
  • Get creative! There are so many cool things out there that you can hang on your wall to make your rental yours instead of painting it. Lights, flags, art, plants, you name it! Pick a color scheme and plan out your dream space.

Your rental should feel like home and there's no reason you shouldn't be able to decorate it the way you want to. Just make sure you adhere to your contract and take precaution to protect the space so that it doesn't cause the landlords further damage. Soon your rental will be your favorite space and it will make you feel at home!