Rate Your Landlord

How to tell if your landlord is a slumlord?


A bad landlord can be a nightmare, we know this. Here are some ways to learn if your landlord should be fired:


  1. Apartment details! Don’t let the fresh cut grass and newly painted walls fool you on the appearance of the apartment. Check the working order of doors, locks, faucets, and windows. Electrical outlets are very important to check as well. 
  2. Talk to past tenants! Other tenants can tell you if your landlord has a history of neglect. Find out if the tenant turnover on the property is high. An apartment complex that seems like a revolving door may signal an issue with the landlord or facilities in the home.
  3. Do a public record search. County records can show past due mortgages, unpaid water bills, or code violations. Look for bankruptcies against the property owner, or civil and criminal records. 


Moving into a new home is exciting and a very stressful time. Make sure you are also choosing a good landlord to sign a lease with.