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Eviction Assistance

Noone wants to deal with an eviction notice. The easiest way to avoid eviction is to pay your rent on time. Talk to your landlord if you can’t make rent that month. Not communicating with your landlord can lead to an eviction happening sooner. If you cannot afford regular renting, contact your local public housing, where they have affordable apartments to rent.


Having an eviction on your record may make it difficult to qualify for housing. If you owe money to any housing authority, you will have to settle that debt to be eligible for assistance again. 


Water Bill - Who Pays For It?

When you move into a new home, you have a lot of responsibilities as a tenant. Paying the water bill might be one of them. However, sometimes the water is inlcuded in the rent and there are certain situations where you shouldn't have to pay for your water. We point out those sitatuations below and how to approach your landlord about them.

Do I pay for water or does my landlord?

Statute of Frauds

Have you ever heard the term Statute of Frauds? Did you immediately get confused and did your eyes glaze over? Does the idea of contracts scare you? Is all of this confusing language stopping you from buying a home?

Well, fear no more. Assisting Renters is here to help you understand what Statute of Frauds means and help dispel the fear of contracts. 

Landlord Tenant Dispute

Are you afraid that your landlord is going to evict you or is your landlord already evicting you?

Evictions are never easy situations for both parties involved. As stressful as it is, it is important to remain calm and open during the entire process. This will help you prove your character in court should it come to that. Assisting Renters is here to help you undertand your rights as a renter, the three different eviction types, and advice on how to avoid this in the future.

What you should know as a tenant that is being evicted: